Referendum Info

The Menominee Area Public School District has a one-question bond referendum on the ballot for May 5, 2020. This referendum addresses facility needs across the district. Strong schools make a strong community. Our facilities have a number of deficiencies and needs that are not going away and are only getting more expensive to maintain. The district worked with a community taskforce over four months to develop a plan that addresses our needs responsibly so that we can continue to educate our students for a 21st century world in safe, functional, and flexible spaces. 


According to the Michigan Secretary of State, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the May election will be carried out by mail only. All registered voters in the school district will be sent an application to vote by mail (absentee). This is the optimal and safest way to participate in our democracy at this time. The application will come with a postage-paid return envelope. Absentee ballots will also arrive with a postage-paid return envelope, making it easy to cast your vote. 

For more information, please visit our referendum website:

Direct Mailer

More info for viewers:


  • Link to the Fast Facts – attached to this email
  • Link to the District Mailer (we will have the final version today)
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