About Junior/Senior High

About Menominee Junior/Senior High School

August 8th, 2017

We ​feel so fortunate to be returning as your Principal’s for the 2017-18 academic year. John Mans is the new Superintendent of schools along with the co-principal for the high school. Alison Granquist is returning for her 5th year as a principal and will be the junior high principal and co-high school principal. We have over 40 years of experience in education, working with students and families. We say with all certainty that Menominee Area Public Schools is a great district where all are welcomed and appreciated.


The fundamental goal of our school team remains constant; to develop confident, compassionate, intellectually curious young people who are ready to excel in all aspects of life. We are very proud of our staff. They hold learning for all students as their highest priority. Junior and senior high school is a unique time in young adults lives; a time when they can fully explore new activities, a new growing sense of independence, new interests and new ideas. We remain focused on removing barriers to learning for all students. We are a district committed to working with students and families to see them through their successes and challenges. After all, this is what learning is all about.


Our mission, as a public school district, is unique. “ ​In an atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching, the Menominee Area Public School staff endeavors to meet the needs of all students to achieve basic life skills. With high expectations for students and staff, we strive to develop pride in achievement and a commitment to lifelong learning. By working in a partnership with the community, we seek to instill in all students a sense of respect and responsibility for oneself and for one's membership in a global society. ​.” The mission speaks to our need to ensure that our students do far more than graduate from high school. It speaks to the need for our young people to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to improve our world. Additionally, the mission speaks to the global perspectives our young people will need as they become adults in this challenging yet opportunity-filled world.

New Research Based Initiatives

To that end, we have a couple of new research based initiatives for the 2017-18 academic year. The first is Class DOJO, a new online tool currently used at Central Elementary and now chosen as a K-12 initiative. Research cites this online tool ​can help to provide thoughtful, meaningful assessment on both academic and character skills which can lead to meaningful conversation, feedback, and growth. Please visit the website Class DOJO (www.classdojo.com) ​ for further details.


Please let us know if you have any questions about the new year. Please also remember that we will regularly be leaving our offices to visit classrooms, observe our teachers, and participate in team meetings. We plan to respond to email first thing in the morning and later in the evening. Please call or email our secretary’s to schedule a time to meet with either of us for any reason or for any emergency that may arise. Their names are Lorrie Desotell, her email is ​desotelll@gomaroons.org ​ and Lynn Kakuk, her email is kakukl@gomaroons.org ​ and their phone numbers are (906)863-9929 or (906)863-7814.