Our Strategic Vision

Approved May 14, 2020

Each Student is Distinctive and Irreplaceable

Our Aspiration

We aspire to demonstrate to the region and to the world that we can build a public educational entity that proves to each student that his/her life matters. We seek to develop in each student the skills, behavior, and knowledge to become independent, productive members of any community in which they choose to live.

Our Purpose

We exist to prepare students to responsibly meet the demands and challenges of a complex and changing world with competence, caring, and creativity.

Our Priorities

  1. Enhance the climate and culture of our district to focus on the unique academic and non-academic needs of  each student in a way that is culturally sensitive and which embraces the unique identity of each student.

  2. Create an aligned strategic infrastructure to focus the entire organization on teaching and learning in a way that  supports all stakeholders to perform at the highest level of quality.

  3. Align resources (time, people, and money) to student need assuring the equitable, but not equal,  allocation of  those resources to maximize student support.

  4. Create a culture of nurturing support so that all students can reach their highest potential and so that the  system does not allow any student to fail.

  5. Utilize parent, family, and community resources to partner with the district in ensuring the highest level of  performance of all district stakeholders.

Our Goals

  1. Establish a highly effective governance team (board of education and superintendent) which leads the entire  organization’s focus on teaching, learning, and leading.

  2. Establish a highly effective infrastructure that focuses the entire organization on teaching, learning, and leading.

  3. Ensure the highly effective allocation of resources to support the organization’s strategic focus on teaching,  learning, and leading.