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Acceptable Use Policy for Students/Staff
The intent of this document is to insure that Menominee Area Public Schools students and staff comply with all technology acceptable use guidelines approved by the MAPS Board of Education. Use of technology is a privilege, not a right. All MAPS students and staff are responsible for their actions and activities involving the school districts technology and accounts. The rules do not attempt to describe every acceptable and prohibited activity. Students, parents and school staff who have questions about whether a particular activity is prohibited are encouraged to contact a building administrator. These rules apply to all school technologies where used regardless of how used. In exchange for the use of the Districts technology resources, I understand and agree to the following conditions:

  • Technology to be used for educational purposes and research consistent with MAPS’s educational mission and curriculum goals.

  • Users must comply with all Board policies, the student handbook, and the school rules and expectations concerning conduct and communications when using school resources, whether on or off school property.

  • Students and staff accessing the District internet assume personal responsibility and liability, both civil and criminal, for unauthorized or inappropriate use, regardless of the technology device used.

  • District Technology usage may be revoked at any time and for any appropriate reason. All information and data stored on District file servers are intended for education use only. Resources for commercial, for profit, or any other unauthorized purpose (political, advertisements) in any form are strictly prohibited. The District reserves the right to monitor and access files, remove files, limit or deny access, and refer student/staff for other appropriate disciplinary actions.

  • The District has implemented internet filtering software for the intent to block minors accessing inappropriate material online. However, the District does not guarantee that school officials can control users’ access to all such material, or that users will not have access to such materials while using District network resources. The District reserves the right to monitor all internet activity and log internet usage. The District also reserves the right to remove a user account for the network to prevent unauthorized activity.

  • It shall be the responsibility of all District staff to monitor all student usage of District network resources and internet access in accordance with this policy and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

  • Students/staff are responsible for his/her account and password. The person to whom the account is issued will be responsible for any activity or action performed on the device. Use of any account by someone other than the registered account holder is forbidden.

  • Users may be responsible for compensating the school district for any losses, costs or damages incurred for violations of Board policies/procedures and school rules, including the cost of investigating such violations. The school assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized charges or costs incurred by users while using school district computers, personal devices, school network or any other school technology.

  • Users may not reveal personal information about themselves or another individual on any website,blog, podcast, video, wikis, and social networking sites. If a user encounters dangerous or inappropriate information or messages they shall notify the school administration immediately.

  • MAPS staff must maintain the confidentiality of student data in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

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