student photo

This spring all students at Blesch Intermediate School were on “track” for learning about transportation by railway.  Students at every level were able to collaborate with the National Railroad Museum in some way for a virtual learning experience.  Mrs. Marissa Siem, our virtual science and social studies teacher, worked with Mr. Robert Lettenberger, the Education Director for the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to implement our students' participation in programming based on their grade level.  

Our 3rd and 4th grade students spent an hour with their staff touring a 1920’s restored Pullman sleeper car named the Lake Mitchell.  Students were able to see inside the train car and learn the history of travel aboard it.  They also listened to three read alouds of picture books during their hour long program.  Students were able to ask questions of the National Railroad staff about train cars and railroad travel in general.  Our virtual students even wore their pajamas that day since they were learning about the sleeper cars!

Our 5th grade students participated in a Transcontinental Railroad program.  They spent two days with the National Railroad Museum over the course of one week learning about the history of the building and uniting of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads.  They also completed giant posters individually about the events leading up the building of the railroad and learning about people who were influential in completing this project.  

Finally, our 6th grade students participated in the World Railroad Geography project.  They were each assigned a product that they had to research.  They learned about how these goods are shipped internationally, especially since most goods arrived after an intermodal shipping process.  Students spent a week working on these projects. They not only learned about imports and exports, but they also learned about shipping containers needed, geography of North and South America, and the flags of these countries.  

Students have been encouraged that if their families feel comfortable traveling that they visit the National Railroad Museum this summer.  

The museum has even provided all students at Blesch a free student ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket so they can visit this summer.